House of Dior Seoul / Christian de Portzamparc

A friend asked me to go look for this building. I’m going to be honest and say that when I initially saw posts and articles about it I thought “nice extravagant object”. I was also expecting it to be rather big, based on the Archdaily write-up:

“In Seoul, where the quadrangular buildings align with the avenue, and which are all occupied by leading international fashion labels, the building stands out like a large sculptural tribute to Dior, inviting everyone to step inside.” – Archdaily

When I went looking for it, I missed it. Possibly because I was distracted by the rather large building Burberry is in. Only when I got to the river did I realise I needed to turn back. I really was expecting it to stand out. When I finally found it, two buildings down from the main intersection, it did stand out. It’s a gorgeous object. The detailing is impeccable – it borders on perfection. The building speaks to the quality of the items inside. I didn’t go inside. Though the building is inviting, the two men in suits standing inside by the door, weren’t. Maybe next time.

Find the building on A Flâneur’s Map. Go see for yourself.